Here are some helpful tips for smooth air travel from experienced nursing moms (extracted from “Dr. MILK” group on Facebook):

• Organize everything so you know exactly where everything is & you’re not frazzled trying to find your ID or wallet or pacifier with a fussy baby!

• Forget about that “get on plane first.” Getting on the airplane last provides less time in the cramped airplane & more time spread out at the gate.

• Check everything (or gate check everything) but your necessities & things for your baby.

• Take the help of strangers if you need to. People in airports usually want to help a mom with a baby.

• If your baby will nurse in a carrier that is helpful because you can also wear your baby through the airport. Most airlines let you check a stroller & car seat for free.

• Wear layers & a nursing friendly top for easy access in tight quarters in your seat. Most moms feed/nurse on takeoff & landing, since it helps with the ear pressure, and seems to work.

• Sit at a window & take a light scarf as a partial cover for nursing on the plane, but if the dad sits next to you, then you don’t need a cover. Just wear a nursing friendly top.

• It’s so dark on the airplane most of the time that it feels pretty private even though you’re in tight quarters.

• Do not worry about who is next to you, nurse anyway. That, and some white noise on the airplane will calm your baby.

• The thing that makes it easiest is not caring if complete strangers see your boobs. Nurse anywhere & everywhere.

• Many airports have nursing mothers’ rooms or pods. You can find them close to your gate, or you can ask at check in. They’re also good for diaper changes.

• Download the Mamava app. It directs you to nursing pods/rooms in all airports which are usually super clean & quiet. Or, you can Google where they are at your airport & what gates they are closest to so that you can find them more quickly.

• If you are not nursing, you will have to bring enough bottles & formula for a long trip. Make sure you get enough water for yourself.


Flight attendants were great about offering extra drinks (non-alcoholic).

Have fun and good luck!

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