Dr. Susan Landers suffered from burnout after 32 years of practicing in the NICU. She serves to educate others about this condition. Moreover, she speaks to doctors, nurses, and healthcare organizations about risk factors for and causes of burnout, and effective methods to treat and prevent physician burnout.

Suffering from burnout late in her neonatology career, Dr. Landers has valuable experience to offer. She recovered using effective methods to foster her own mental health. These included reduced hours, less night call, a change in practice location, and several methods for self-care.  Psychotherapy also played an important role in her recovery.

Her keynote message is “Physician Burnout is Preventable.” She serves to educate others about the causes and treatment for burnout. In her talks, she emphasizes gender and specialty-specific risk factors for burnout, the influence of workplace location, electronic medical records, and other workflow patterns that contribute. She describes the screening tools available to assess physicians and other healthcare providers. She teaches physician practices some effective methods to treat burnout, promote wellness, and manage their ongoing mental health. In addition, she instructs healthcare organizations how to identify organizational impediments to workflow, and how to create efficient structural changes in healthcare organizational operations, specifically those that lower rates of physician burnout.

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Talk Titles and Descriptions

Keynote address: “Physician Burnout is Preventable.” This talk provides an overview of the problem – incidence, risk factor. She uses personal examples and discusses effective solutions that doctors and healthcare organizations can use.

“Diagnosing burnout among your doctors” – addresses screening tools, specialty-specific risk factors, & how the use of electronic medical records contribute. Moreover, she describes how workflow patterns & specific workplace issues contribute to burnout.

“Treatment of physician burnout” – explains effective methods to treat & maintain ongoing mental health of physicians, & ways to promote wellness & recovery for affected physicians, both individually & as a group.

“Prevention of physician burnout” – describes 1) effective methods to promote physician wellness – both personal & practice-related, 2) methods to promote an organizational culture that supports physician wellbeing, & 3) ways to prevent ongoing burnout within the organization (with techniques such as improved practice workflow, better communication, team building, team huddles, process streamlining, & others).

Five Things to Do to Beat Burnout

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