Parents are feeling anxious as they struggle to keep their children safe during this second full year of the Covid pandemic.

When parents of young children are asked about their feelings, they report balancing fear of Covid with fear of isolation. Parents are feeling disconnected from prior friends because different parents tolerate risk of infection differently. Some are very cautious. Others feel that there are too many closures of preschools for quarantine.

Parents disagree about the necessity of masking young children, even though the AAP says not to mask kids under age two years. Some parents are anxiously awaiting the vaccine for younger kids, and some are still very unsure of getting their kids vaccinated at all.

The Omicron variant is everywhere and some parents are literally giving up their vigilance. Most do not like the guidance from CDC for younger kids.  Anxiety is greatest for parents of young children who must attend to day care. Stay-at-home parents seem to be less worried. Parents have mixed feelings about the safety of birthday parties and playdates. To attend or not to attend.

Psychotherapists are currently reporting that their patients are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Many patients report feeling depressed, lonely, isolated, burnt out, empty, and uncertain. Adults are not feeling healthy right now, and the major source of their stress is the safety of their children!

This situation is really hard for parents right now. The spread of this virus varies by geographic region, and guidelines and restrictions seem to change constantly. Please talk to someone about your worries. If it is any consolation, most parents are feeling the same way.

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