My Passion Is  Helping Young Women and Working Mothers

I have created offers and products that will help young women, working mothers, and stay-at-home moms live the burnout-free life that they deserve.


Being a mother is hard. No matter how much you love your children, raising a human being is a big responsibility. With the endless demands of child care, mothers are at high risk for physical & emotional exhaustion.

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, you may be at risk for getting burned-out. Childcare needs can escalate when kids are ill, out of school, or one child is demanding or has special needs. Household duties are a constant chore & lack of help from your husband or partner adds to your sense of overwhelm. (Single mothers have to do it all!)

When mothers get burned-out, they tend to distance themselves from their kids to preserve their energy. Then they notice a loss of fulfillment in mothering, feel guilty, or feel like they are a “bad mother.” Moreover, for working mothers, they may lose compassion in their work and their co-workers. They feel unhappy, grow cynical, & ultimately feel less accomplished. My personal and professional experiences can help you.

It is important to know that anyone can get burned out. What does burnout look like? Can you see it coming? While you may be excited and motivated to accomplish your goals, when you work without stopping and without caring for yourself, it can result in feelings of burnout. Explore different ways to care for yourself to avoid feeling burnt out before it even starts.

This Self-care Workbook will help you begin to care for yourself. You can get this for free when you buy the “Conquering Burnout” eBook. It is included with the eBook to completely guide working mothers as they learn to manage burnout and care for themselves. Buy the eBook and get this now!

My Six Burnout Hacks  is a free resource that includes simple hacks to manage burnout. These are methods that helped me conquer two episodes of burnout during my life as a practicing physician and mother of three.

Planning daily tasks helps you cut through the noise to bring a few important tasks into focus each day. It gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment (as you check things off your list), and that is also motivating. When you make a habit of organizing your day, you’ll never waste time deciding what to work on next. Get this daily planner for free if you answer this quick survey.