Here are some solutions for burnout in working mothers. They are not simple, but they work!

Solutions for burnout: First, create some space – some free time for yourself.

  • This needs be a real break from work, a pause of at least two weeks (& some may need up to 6 months) to think over all your priorities. It is one best solutions for burnout.
  • Ask for paid leave, paid time off for burnout – it’s a medical diagnosis!
  • If you can’t take time off, then cut back your hours – by a lot – like as much as 50%. At the very least, you need to modify your hours & your schedule.
  • Consider asking for a role change at work, some- thing easier.
  • Tell them that this will be only temporary.

Solutions for burnout: Recognize that you need some personal resilience strategies & decide which ones you want to use. Commit to work on your self-care.

  • Exercise daily – move your body for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Exercise boosts serotonin levels in your brain. 
  • Get out into nature & walk, even for a brief time. Sunlight also boosts serotonin levels. 
  • Eat healthy foods, your snacks included.
  • Cut out all the junk food.
  • Cut down on your alcohol consumption, or stop drinking altogether.
  • Check your sleep hygiene, (you need cool & quiet, for 7 to 8 hours per night). A good night’s sleep boosts dopamine levels in your brain. 
  • Increase your water intake – 6 x 8 oz per day.

Solutions for burnout: Commit to learning some positive thinking techniques & learn how to meditate. 

  • Get some mindfulness training.
  • Use the Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace, Buddhify, or Unplug apps (Calm is my favorite)
  • Check out videos on YouTube, & on
  • Examine the best meditation apps at with this link.
  • Sign up for meditation for beginners on
  • Meditation is a sedentary way to increase endorphins.

Solutions for burnout: Try taking a yoga class one day each week.

  • The benefits of yoga include flexibility, strength, & coordination.
  • It also promotes relaxation & reduces stress & anxiety.

Start journaling about your feelings,

  • Write like no one will read it.
  • It is a right brain activity that will soothe your mood & prevent brooding.
  • It also decreases anxiety & increases awareness.

Pick up that musical instrument & play it.

  • If you do not play an instrument then listen to music – your favorite music.
  • Listening to music elevates mood, reduces stress, stimulates memories, & eases pain.
  • Music can enhance aerobic exercise. Your favorite music is good for YOU.

Meet & talk with your mentor about your priorities & work-life boundaries.

  • Make a written list of your work priorities & goals, & discuss each one.
  • Listen as your mentor provides valuable feedback. (Remember that your mentor likes you.)
  • Review & revise your list of goals.
  • Discuss collegiality among your peers.
  • Debrief on any recent hurtful experiences you may have encountered.

Hire a professional coach.

  • Commit to work with her/him for at least 6 months, or at least 6 sessions.
  • Examine all your priorities together. A coach can help you establish goals & find fulfillment 
  • Debrief on your most recent work challenges. You can learn to work more productively with others. 
  • Discuss your home life & challenges there.

Check your mental health needs & consider professional psychotherapy.

  • You must be able to distinguish between burnout & major depression.
  • Share your most hurtful experiences, disappointments, & embarrassments. 
  • Talking about all of your issues will help.

Commit to spending more time with your partner or spouse.

  • Their role in your recovery is crucial.
  • Try not to put your relationship on the backburner as you sort through issues.
  • Your spouse needs to understand your feelings.
  • At least one daily conversation with your partner will allow time for telling them how you feel.
  • It also helps to examine your priorities together. He/she knows you best of all.

Rekindle your friendships.

  • Your friends already know that you are burnt out.
  • They will understand & support you with everything that you are going through.
  • Seek out pleasant social interactions, enjoy laughing, & give hugs.
  • Reflect on happy memories together.
  • Call a good friend. You are not alone with your working mothering stress. We all deal with it. 

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  1. Amy Herron

    Boy am I in that burnout space now and this is great advice! Thanks so much for sharing!


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