Sheila Quinn, RN, MSN, NNP

What a privilege we all had to care for a most vulnerable (NICU) population!! You were one of my favorite physicians to work with! Best combination of brilliant medical skills and a compassionate heart.

Samantha Smith, RN, MSN, NNP

This needed to be voiced to all the mothers out there. Beautifully written about the balance of being a mother and having a successful career, with all of life’s challenges and joys. I really enjoy the personal NICU stories. Really love this book!

Alissa Berry

Informative and interesting, with plenty of heart. An honest portrayal of the balance that all working mothers strive (and sometimes struggle) to achieve. Dr. Landers shares a unique perspective, having supported many families through their most stressful time in the NICU, while raising three children with diverse needs and challenges of their own. Her story…

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Tracey Beadle

Engaging and relatable for women struggling to balance two passions: career & family. A beautiful peek into the life of a strong and determined woman balancing the challenges of her two greatest passions: motherhood and medicine. Her vulnerability makes it easy for working mothers to relate and find strength and encouragement for their own journey….

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Sharon Jones, RN

Dr. Landers, I always enjoyed taking care of your babies because of the great and caring doctor you are. Caring, informative, courteous, conscientious, love to teach, humorous and you loved the babies and their families. It was a pleasure to have worked with you!